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Serving the hardworking citizens of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,

Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York 

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Affordable Media Services

$20 hourly

rate, always

In 2020, I’m focusing on grant writing to power positive community action. Do you have a great idea and need to seek funding? I can research the right grant opportunities and help you construct your grant application. 

Additionally, I write creative technical copy for advertising, blogs, brochures, commercials, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, proposals, publications, resumes, technical manuals, and websites. 

I offer a diverse range of communication services for $20 an hour and have worked in the media 20 years. 

 YES, YOU CAN buy just one hour of my time to chat, or take me out to coffee or lunch. I love to share ideas - it's what I do. 


I proofread, fact-check, and revise articles, business plans, essays, grant proposals, legal documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, promotional copy, technical writing, resumes, reports, websites, and white papers. Books I've edited in traditional print and digital e-book formats include a range of fiction and nonfiction subjects including biography, business law, health, science, and self-improvement. 


Not only do I proofread, I offer plenty of guidance. First, I ask clarifying questions so we nail the purpose of the work. Next, I'll guide you through the revision process from rough draft to final copy. And I always keep an open line of communication through free calls and emails in case you ever want to chat. 


Brand Management

Increased Sales 

Greater Visibility

Insiders' Resources 

Grant Writing

Inspired Content

Comprehensive Analysis

Grassroots Media Consulting

Plans of Attack

Unique Advertising Ideas

  Low-Cost Engagement Strategies 

Alternatives to Social Media

Publishing Advice

Project Management

Disruptive Ideas

Creating Memorable Experiences

A Fresh Eye

Social Engagements

Charity Events

Mobilizing Supporters

Understanding Their Audience

Mass Media Releases

Supporting New England businesses, artists, entrepreneurs & nonprofits since 2011 

I'm Taryn, the brain behind Affordable Media.

Unlike most pricey creatives,

I believe quality should be affordable.

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Not your typical

After two decades working in the media, I've developed the creative foresight to get people hyped about your business. A versatile brainstormer, I supply the ideas, solutions, and labor for a diverse range of creative projects including free, low-cost, and guerrilla marketing campaigns, traditional advertising, creative collaborations, lead generating, customer acquisition, project management, and public relations.


I'm unique because I specialize in "non-advertising" strategies: personal, thoughtful interactions to engage your customers. Put another way, I give your digital brand a human touch. I don't specialize in social media. My focus is to design interactions within the community to get people talking about your product, service, or brand.


My skills are wide here: To sell your idea I consider advertising, digital presence, operations, sales, and publicity. Start by hiring me to brainstorm a list of alternatives to market your business or, if you already have a plan, I'll lend my creativity and skills to make it a reality. 


Affordable Media's Ethics


1. Everyone has a unique gift

to give the world.


2. Be honest, all the time. 


3. Kindness to all 

is more important than profit.


4. Money is a tool used for good

& to help others.

5. Treat people as you wish

to be treated.  




As a former tv news producer with library and archival training, I quickly compile credible research on any subject including art, film, government, business, health, science, statistics, cost proposals, market research, grant opportunities, and investigative reporting


Are you curious about something? Hire me for a couple hours and I'll track down expert information to tackle your problem. All research welcome, simple or complex; hire me for an hour or month. 

I'm a natural collaborator who's brilliant at brainstorming, planning, and execution. Consider me your personal grassroots media consultant providing you with straightforward, actionable strategies. Or, perhaps you need me to perform a specific role in your company- I can do that too.


Need a creative infusion? A jump start? Motivation? Working with a partner provides accountability and shares the burden of running a business. 


Are you a graphic designer, coder, social media expert, writer, videographer, or artist?

I'm always on the lookout for awesome people to trade work and talk ideas. Start by saying hello!




Above all, I'm versatile. If I didn't list your project, reach out and askIt's always free to chat initially. Make contact with me.


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